Learning How to Learn


A critical principle from the course is the chunks of knowledge. How to create them, and how they work. This is closely related to memory and the main modes of learning.


You have two kinds of memory. Your working memory and your long term memory. Think of your working memory as a tiny and undetailed blackboard, where the writing can disappear fast. On the other hand, your long-term memory is a warehouse, able to store lots of memories.

The Focused mode

The Focused mode is related to intense focus. It is detailed and analytic in nature and is typically what we relate to when we learn and work. To make the best use of this method, you want to have intense focus and remove disturbances and distractions from your surroundings.

The Diffuse mode

This is the more open and creative mode. It helps you see the bigger picture and see connections between chunks and idéas and memories. That is, you can string your new chunks from your working memory to existing chunks in your long term memory. This is why you learn faster and faster as you get more skilled at developing new chunks, connecting them to the chunks in your working memory, and you get more chunks to connect them to. To access your Diffuse mode, it will help to shift your focus away from the task.


So what should you do to implement best practice learning?



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