Discovering The Dyslexic Advantage at Age 25

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But what is the actual difference? In short, people with dyslexia have a more dominant left side of the brain and a less dominant right side. The brain's right side is what is responsible for organizing, more sequence thinking, and details. The right side is what uses creativity and wider scope thinking. Dyslexic people have weaker short-term memory and stronger long-term memory. When organizing a document and spell-checking, you can see the dyslexic struggle. When it comes to connecting larger picture ideas, finding creative solutions, and even using cross-disciplinary concepts, dyslexics thrive. The advantages can be separated into four sections, forming the initials MIND. Following is an explanation for each of these letters.

M-strengths: Material or Mechanical Reasoning

M-strengths are described as an ability to reason about the 3-dimensional properties of the physical or material world — the shape, size, motion, position, spatial orientation, and interaction of physical object.

I-strengths: Interconnected Reasoning

I-strengths are described as an ability to spot important connections between various kinds of information. It is the ability to see likeness and connects different fields of knowledge and big-picture connections that create a heightened ability to detect gist, context, and relevance.

N-strengths: Narrative reasoning

N-strengths are described as an ability to create stories by connecting a series of mental scenes from past personal experience, as well as the tendency to use stories to recall the past, understand the present, and imagine the future.

D-strengths: Dynamic reasoning

D-strengths are described as having the ability to recombine elements of past experience and use this information to predict or mentally simulate future outcomes with great accuracy.

Personal thoughts of implications

When reading this book, it sat to word on what I, in many ways, had been thinking was different from me and others without dyslexia. It made it apparent what I have elevated towards, and where my shortcomings are.



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